Results of the survey for the patch EA 0.5.6

(from September 26th 2018 until October 17th 2018)

You can find the detailed results for every question here: Link

On October 17th we released 0.5.7 and therefore the survey for 0.5.6 ended. As you remember the main focus of that version was the production system of the game. Time to analyze your answers and share the results. Here they are:

  • The majority likes the new system (individual automatisation of every transporter/worker) but also a lot of you, according to the survey, are always fully automating their production. One reason for us to change the system from setting automation for the whole building to individual automation was also to reduce issues the automatisation had when the player wanted to manually assign a task to a single transporter or worker.
  • As mentioned above the interruption of automated workers should now be less error prone. Unfortunately almost 25% still mentioned issues related to interrupting automated characters. We assume that those issues may be linked to the general instability of the action execution system. Please let us know in the comment what kind of issues you still have with the worker automation interruption. With your help we may identify those problems more easily.
  • With 0.5.6 the AI isn’t optimizing a business instantly anymore. Reason for that was to make the AI more fair in comparison to human competition. We are happy that the majority liked that change.
  • Another bigger topic in 0.5.6 was the building placement rework. The majority think the system is better but we also got lots of answers which deem the feature as ok or still wonky. We identified a few issues that may causing those reactions. 1. We are thinking about also highlighting the street so it’s easier to see why the building can or cannot be placed. 2. We are currently optimizing building entries so buildings need less space. Stay tuned!
  • From now on when a character is stealing he/she is really stealing and not creating money out of thin air. The rogues really seem to like it according to the survey 😉

Thanks again for taking the survey! Along with all the comments in the forum this really helps us to assess whether we are on the right path or not!

As always please let us know in the comments what do you think about our answers? What would you like to add the results?