August 2, 2018 – Hotfix Patch EA

Since 0.5.3 the AI has started to act more actively. They manage, build businesses and also have ambitions for offices. As a result, unfortunately, problems have occurred that have led to crashes. As they unfortunately occured very “randomly” (more on that below), we did not have these crashes internally in our tests. We would like to thank you for pointing out the problems and for taking the time to send us the save games. This allowed us to find and fix crashes caused by the AI changes.

Bug fixes
– The game no longer crashes when a building burns down while a character wants to bring goods to that building.
– The game does not crash anymore when certain animations are to be played by guardsmen.
– The game will no longer crash if the residence or business of a character is destroyed.

We hope this will improve the experience for you again. Thanks again to all for the help!