Oct. 6 – New Patch

Friday’s patch is in and patch notes are out! Version 0.018i is available now on Steam & GOG.

Nevertheless – we still have work to do to deliver you the full The Guild 3 gameplay experience as soon as possible! That’s why we plan for next week to continue releasing patches – on a daily basis, starting from Tuesday.

Since the launch of The Guild 3 Early Access we have resolved multiple “Crash” and “Quality of life” issues. For those that do not know, a “Crash” is a problem that forces the game to stop entirely whereas a “Quality of life” issue revolves around features that are not working as intended and can cause some frustration. Below this message, we have compiled the entire list of issues resolved so far, in-case you have not had the chance to see all patch notes.

Bugfixes – Crash & Quality of Life

  • The business menu no longer closes after a non-selected employee leaves the business;
  • After re-loading a game, if the game is on “Pause”, you can press the “P” key or select the link on the HUD to un-pause it.
  • Enabled “+” and “-” buttons in the options menu for the sounds and textures quality, and we reconnected 3 levels of quality textures;
  • Modified the description of the extra “Front Store Slots” in the add-on menu;
  • Corrected multiple misspellings for both German & English strings;
  • You will now be able to see your transports in other businesses that you own;
  • We fixed a crash that occurs when starting a new game with the Augsburg Map in career mode;
  • We fixed a crash that occurs when courting someone inside a city house or a mansion;
  • The quick access bar will now update itself when a building is destroyed. Previously, when selecting a business that was destroyed in the access bar it would cause a crash;
  • Selling items in the frontstore could generate too much XP in short time, if the demand for that item in the population was high
  • The game will not crash when trying to open the Business Menu of a destroyed building. As of this moment, the business menu is not be accessible for destroyed buildings;
  • The keyboard & mouse input will be cleared when doing a “Alt+Tab”;
  • The game will no longer crash when entering City Hall;
  • Improved the responsiveness of actions with the mouse in the Business Menu;
  • In the quick access bar, you can reassign buildings to shortcuts previously used;
  • Crash caused during a marriage is resolved;
  • Employee routes will no longer be accessible through their residence;
  • For the following maps: Magdeburg, Augsburg & London. New fix to allow more resources in the Market;
  • For the following map: Augsburg. Fixed the street connections between the lumberyard and the Market. This will allow more resources from the lumberyard to arrive at the Market;
  • While the game is paused and the player is trying to sell an item in the Market, the game will no longer crash when double clicking on an item;
  • If a building is on sale in the Build menu but was later destroyed, it will no longer crash if the build menu is opened;
  • New building quick accesses bugfix: if a building is destroyed and was assigned as a shortcut in the access bar, it will be removed and no longer lead to crashes;
  • The player will receive feedback after giving a compliment instead of a black window;
  • Transactions: The player will receive the same amount of money whether the “Drop All” button is selected or “Drag & Drop” is used.
  • Resolved a number of crashes caused by selecting various elements in the Employee Routes interface;
  • The action of courting someone in a residence will show the correct scene whether it is a poor house, city house or mansion;
  • In order to enhance the game’s performance, it will now use the graphics card first & then the onboard video card;
  • For the following maps: Magdeburg, Augsburg & London. In order to increase the resources at the Markets, the lumberyard, mine & quarry will start with 100 resources of each type in their front store as well as two carts in the storage;
  • The business window will refresh while the game is on pause;
  • Employee Routes will not be reset after loading a game;
  • New resource fix: Farms will now sell at the Market;
  • The Random Event selected by the player in the option menu will be the correct one in-game;
  • Train Ability Action: When the player enters his/her residence & selects the Train Ability action, the resident scene will open & the menu related to the action will appear on the right side instead on top of the character;
  • While in window mode or fullscreen, we have taken off a screen resolution that we do not support which caused an offset of the cursor to the UI;
  • We have multiple changes to the Storage Keeper AI in order to improve its behavior & productivity;
  • Continued improving the Storage Keeper AI. The storage keeper will now buy from other shops as well if needed;
  • Camera Speed controls is enabled in the options menu;
  • Associated sounds to buildings will only play once when “double clicking” on a building;
  • The volume of the Building sounds has been reduced by 30%.


  • A multitude of adjustments concerning the textures and skinning of characters;
  • Corrected certain animations which were connected to wrong actions;
  • Revision of the London map: Corrected the layout of elements to reduce collisions, correction of textures and adjusted the roadways accessible to the carts.


  • In order to enhance the game’s performance, it will now use the graphics card first & then the onboard video card.


Last, but not least, our heartfelt thanks for your understanding and ongoing help and support – you are great, did you know that 🙂? We look forward to hearing from you next week and will keep you in touch.